Pride Month

All year, the West and Arrow brand is all about loving your true self proudly and unapologetically. So, obviously, Pride Month is no different. Whatever makes you you, we’re all about helping it shine bright! If you’re ready to let your true colors fly, we’ve got you covered.

Rainbow lights

Our  Rainbow LED Lights are proof that the best color is all the colors together in perfect harmony. We are all so special, and it’s that specialness that makes the world all the more interesting and fun to live in. Don’t you think?

Rainbow Cloud Wall Light
You can never have too many Rainbows during Pride Month. Life is meant to be lived in living color. It’s easy to forget that, so we threw it on the wall to remind us. 

Rainbow Mini Neon
You are so perfect just the way you are, but if you’re having a little trouble believing that right now, never forget that Your Rainbow hides patiently behind this storm. The clouds will pass. They always do. The best has yet to come, my honeys.


Glitter Bulb String Lights

Nothing quite says "This is me, deal with it" quite like Glitter. Bold, sparkling, and impossible not to notice. We’re absolutely here for it.

Wild wall sign
A calling for your inner Proud Wild Child: Pride was canceled last year, so we’ve gotta celebrate twice as hard all month long this year. Sorry not sorry.


Pride Month is all about letting your truth shine fearlessly. There’s plenty of room in this world for your light. Baby, you were born this way and we couldn’t be happier about it! Find your way of expressing yourself and spread some of that love-is-love energy all day long.