New Year New You!

With 2020 in the trash where it belongs and hope sneaking up over the horizon, it’s crucial to keep that spirit turned up to 100% as we roll into the shiny and new 2021. Here’s a couple of our favorite things that’s all about that fresh look in the fresh year.

Edge Lights

Our Enchanting Curtain Lights are our #iconique choice for a total vibe-changer in any space. Battery powered to shine anywhere and hit you with some real LED magic. Find your personal light and get that glow, girl!

Rainbow LED Neon CloudDo you mind if we give a quick spotlight shoutout to our Rainbow Cloud Light? The one that reminds us there’s always a rainbow at the end of a stressful year-long storm? You know that one? Yes? Ok, great. Moving on. 

Photo Clip String LightsFor those who are still buzzing from the Wolf Moon and can’t wait for the Snow Moon, we’ve got your lunar needs covered. This Textured LED offers instant moonlight to any tabletop. Stay wild, moon child!

Curtain Lights

Our Dream LED Light is a great beacon for the optimism ahead. Never forget: A dream is a wish your heart makes! Tomorrow is just a dream away! Disney just gets it sometimes, sorry not sorry.  


LED Wall GridLastly, if you’re looking for a bold reminder of what 2021 can bring, we’ve got our wall décor collection. Remind a friend (or yourself) that life can be Wild, or perhaps it’s YOU that’s the Wild Child! Be you unapologetically. We’re here for it.


As we all slowly ease into 2021 with hesitation, it’s important to look on the BRIGHT side. And that’s where our LEDs come in. Keep your space glowing with hope and love, and nothing can take you down. Cheers to the new year!