Love Lights the Way!

Looking Fine, My Valentines! 

It’s an absolute bummer we’re stuck wearing masks with all this love in the air, but there’s still many ways to step up your special @home date nights. Whether it’s for your bae, the best gal, or just your #1 self, here’s how you can spread that sweet lovin’ feeling.

Edge Lights

Flick on our Ombre Curtain Lights, and you’re hit with that pink and purple magic, hunni. The fairy-level glow brings a nice cocktail of romance and intimacy that’s meant to be shared with someone special.

Rose String Lights
But if your dearest is trapped in another home and you’ve got a case of #RomoFomo (Romance FOMO, just coined it ❤️), then we’ve got Rose Gold String Lights ? 

BABE Wall SignIt’s also the best time of the year to love yourself! The BABE Wall Sign is a nice treat for the true love of your life when you’re currently dating yourself. Never forget to love you first!



Clip Lights

But we’ve gone too long without calling for our favorite Valentines. Ladies celebrating ladies! We have customized BFF Wood String Lights with cute little message for the love of your life when that other love of your life starts driving you crazy. Dudes come and go, don’t forget your gals.  


Curtain LightsWe really enjoy these new Warm White Curtain Lights all year round because of their light modes. There’s a flashing effect for one-gal dance parties (when you gotta #DanceItOut), and a slow fader for the quiet date nights. Sometimes ambient lighting can turn an awkward home date into an unforgettable night of romance. You’d be surprised.


Love comes in many shapes and styles, but it’s still the very best thing we do. Never miss the chance to show you care by helping those in your life find the light in their space. Tell someone you love them today! We’ll go first: We love you!