Creating more than lighting and décor.

Lighting and Decor

We are creating a community, join our squad!

Hey babes! 
It's all happening!!! Our website is ready to roll, and we’re excited to have a space that is all about you and creating room environments that are all about those sweet sweet vibes. Bringing West & Arrow online means providing a go-to spot for endless inspiration and a dash of optimism. Because, real talk, optimism is in REAL short supply rn. Just sayin. 

We’re all about creating a SPACE for you. A room where you can recharge or let yourself be free. But mostly, we aim to help you create a space that just kind of exudes YOUR STYLE. We know the spots you chill in are your bedroom, desk, or wardrobe, but why can’t a website do that too? 

Whether you’re thinking of changing up your room’s ambiance or weren’t even aware a room can HAVE an ambiance (been there lol), we want to keep things low-key and give you the resources to discover your personal style and explore it. And hey, much like Rome, a home’s decor isn’t built in a day. It takes time, self-discovery, and a ride-or-die squad behind you - that’s where we come in. West & Arrow is all about collaboration within our community. We are gonna give you inspo for days, hot takes on hot trends and a place for you to share your décor game. After all, we’re gonna need your help finding our new site’s #glowup also <3

This blog is a home for you to share what you’re excited about and how you West & Arrow. What are you excited about? What are your décor dreams? What’s making you happy? Tell us about it, stud. ;)