Classic Horror Movie Selfie Station - DIY


What You Will Need:

▪ West & Arrow Warm White Curtain Lights
West & Arrow XL Warm White Curtain Lights
West & Arrow Flexible LED Strip Lights
Red Metallic Tinsel Foil
Prom Night Banner
Steel Pail

Fishing Line 


Step 1:
Apply self adhesive Red Metallic tinsel foil to the wall.

Step 2:
Attach West & Arrow XL Warm White Curtain Lights along wall in front of metallic foil.

Step 3:
Attach West & Arrow 
Flexible LED Strip Lights along top and sides of Metallic curtain to frame your backdrop.

Step 4:
String Prom Night Banner in front of both the metallic foil, and curtain lights.

Step 5:
Take 7ft of fishing line and tie one side to the handle of the bucket.

Step 6:
Place the other end of the fishing line across the bottom of the bucket. Making sure that it is the same direction as the handle. Tape the line across the bucket end to end.

Step 7:
Tape across the line the other direction to secure it in place.

Step 8:
Cut metallic foil into 6" , 7" and 8" sections.

Step 9:
Begin laying out foil tinsel in layers. The longest 8" section should be placed first along the side of of the bucket parallel to the handle.

Step 10:
Layer metallic foil in a fringe pattern. One strip placed above the previous until you reach the bottom of the bucket.

Step 11:
Screw eye hook into ceiling, centered in front of the wall display.

Step 12:
Pull fishing line through eye hook, making sure the red tinsel is falling forward. Securely tie fishing line in eye hook when you reach the ideal angle and height.

Step 13:
Camera Ready!
Grab your crown, sash and dead flowers and strike a terrifying pose!