Game Time Ambience! Let’s Go!

LED String Lights

My hometown honeys,

Sunday nights might seem a lil different these days, but the W&A squad has what you need to make that team spirit glow a bit louder from the couch. Here’s our tips on upgrading the living room tailgate party for you and the roomies.

 String Lights are great for instant party vibes when you hang them by the TV for the big homecoming game. Create a lewk for the food & drink station by showing off pics of the team. OR fame/shame your girls with pics from the last tailgate :) Just because the bleachers are closed doesn’t me we can’t still werk that team spirit! 


LED Strip Lights

But here’s the kicker (see what we did there? kicker?) LED light strips with tons of color options. We 1000% guarantee we have your team’s color no matter how Robin’s Egg their blue is. It’s a team colors #glowup, and you know we got that.

With every game being an at-home game rn, it’s time to make your living room a team-spirit fandom space. Immerse your Sunday nights in home team hype and forget about the world, at least till halftime ;)


LED Light Box
But let’s talk about the REAL MVP of the night: The snack table Our little messenger light box makes a cute centerpiece in between your chip n’ dip/pizza roll game. This perfect opportunity for trash talking reminds everyone who’s #1 as they shamelessly turn to the snacks to cope with their L. #SorryNotSorry